FOR TONIGHT music to premiere at BROADWAY SESSIONS, 6/23/13

BROADWAY SESSIONS is described as an evening of musical performances, games and open mic featuring a new Broadway guest each week. The show is created and hosted by Ben Cameron (Bway Wicked, Aida and Footloose) and features musical director Joshua Stephen Kartes on piano. 

This Thursday, June 26th, Broadway Sessions will offer it's 3rd annual New York Musical Theater Festival sneak peek. Several of the festival's featured musicals will be on hand to present songs from their shows.

Musical's scheduled to present numbers include Rescue Rue, Zombie Strippers, Coming of Age, Fable, Propoganda, Save the Robots, Valueville, Mother Jones and the Childrens Crusade, The Travels, Academia Nuts, WikiMusical, For Tonight, Somewhere with You, Deployed, Searching for Romeo, The Snow Queen and Clinton (list subject to change).

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